Thursday, July 07, 2005



Shouts from the stables below brought him back to consciousness. His body lay tangled in the bed sheets on what appeared to be the floor, but that wasn’t the first thing that he noticed, that was the pounding in his skull. Tharetes eased his eyes open to the full light of the sun streaming through his window and then quickly shut them in pain.

Vague memories of playing double-inns last night with two of the towns guardsmen came back to him as he rubbed the feeling back into his face. ‘But did I win or loose?’ A quick jingle of his purse, tied to the pants he still wore from the night before, confirmed that he had indeed left the card game a winner.

Tharetes briefly stood up from the floor before a wave of nausea overtook him and forced him to a seated position on his bed. ‘Two-fisted Jack, damn those guardsmen and this inn’s foul ale, who knew these townsfolk could drink so much.’

The door to Tharetes room burst open revealing the elderly innkeeper, a nervous expression was plainly written on his face.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Sir, there’s trouble at the town gates.” Tharetes stumbled up from his bed, using the small table beside his bed for support as another wave of nausea passed through him.

“What sort of trouble?”

“I’m not sure Sir, something big though, everyone’s cleared out of the in so far…” Stammered the innkeeper, “…well except for you.”

Ignoring the pain in his head Tharetes rolled his eyes. “So you want me to clear up my tab and vacate is that it?”

“Yes Sir, you’ve worked up quite a tab, what with ale all night for the three of you…”
‘For the three of us? Perhaps I didn’t win as much as I thought I did.’ Tharetes jingled the coins in his purse, noting the look of anticipation on the innkeeper’s face. ‘Even in the midst of all this trouble the greedy never rest.’ Tharetes thought to himself as he handed the innkeeper ten gold coins.

“There were the drinks for the ladies as well Sir.”

‘For the ladies?’ “Eleven?”


Frowning, but unwilling to argue given his lack of memory Tharetes handed the innkeeper two more gold coins. “What about breakfast then?” Tharetes asked.

“Ow I’m sorry sir.” The innkeeper apologized. “Everyone has gone to the town gates, there’s no one here to cook.”


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