Friday, July 08, 2005


‘Twelve gold coins and no breakfast.’ Tharetes thought as he walked out of the inn with his pack hoisted over his left shoulder. ‘This is not a good day.’ The bang and the sound of a wooden bolt sliding into place behind him let Tharetes know that the innkeeper thought that whatever was happening was important enough to risk not making anymore money.

Except for a few dogs sniffing at some trash by the front of the inn the town seemed deserted. Tharetes started walking towards the town gate reasoning that given the current situation, and decided lack of breakfast, now was as good of a time as any leave. On his way to the town gates he came across the town well. Tharetes stopped there momentarily to fill his belly and wash some of the grease out of his jet-black hair, before continuing on.

Moments later, water still dripping from his hair down the back of his shirt, Taretes arrived at the town gate. ‘The reason the town seems so empty, is because it is.’ Tharetes thought wryly, noting that the entire populace of Cragton seemed to be milling about the town gates. The crowd was agitated; people were speaking with their neighbor in hushed tones, eyes darting around making sure that no one else was listening.

“What’s this all about then?” Tharetes asked the elderly gentlemen with the white beard beside him.

“Haven’t you heard? We’ve received an emissary from an approaching army.”

“An approaching army? Whose army is matching on Cragton?” Tharetes asked. “There hasn’t been a war or an army on the march in years. I’m sure that I would have heard something about this on the road before today.”


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