Thursday, July 21, 2005


Every time he left the monastery at night he swore that it would the last time, but after a few weeks his resolve would begin to crumble and he would find himself sneaking through the stone corridors of the monastery and out to the village below. The guilt of leaving monastery, of being weak, and the fear of being caught are what drove him to remain in the library hours after the other initiates had left for dinner, studying and memorizing the scriptures. This was an attempt to strengthen his soul and to show the full members of the order that his belief never wavered.

The problem was that it wasn’t Caswyn’s fervent belief in the scriptures that drove him to the monastery, it was his father’s belief that there wasn’t enough food to feed a third son. As a result Caswyn never felt as though he really belonged in the monastery, as though he was a fraud. It was this feeling, the feeling of never really belonging, that weakened his resolve and allowed him to forget about his guilt and sneak down to the village below.

Caswyn had been placed in the monastery eleven years ago when he was nine, and up until two years ago he had not left the confines of the monastery. It was then that his curiosity and his body got the best of his mind. Caswyn learnt what a whore was soon after arriving at the monastery, the scriptures were full of them and the monks often discussed their presence. Some hated them and others pitied them, but all agreed that they spread vice and sin. But when Caswyn read about whores or the priestesses of Bela’don in the scriptures it wasn’t revulsion or pity that filled his soul, it was lust, and it was lust that drove Caswyn through the darkened hallways of the monastery, down to the village below, and into the temple of Bela’don.


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