Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Scanning the Commons one more time to make sure that no one else was about, Caswyn took a step forward. As his foot touched the ground a sound from the northern tunnel drove the air out of his lungs. Caswyn stood, frozen, on the threshold of the Commons his body half in the shadows and half in the light of the candles. He clutched the hem of his brown robes in his shaking hands, willing his body to be back in the shadows but to afraid to move. The world outside of the monastery became a weight in the pit of Caswyn’s stomach, could he go home?

A figure entered the room, fear finally forced Caswyn back into the shadows, his breath coming back to him in ragged gasps. The figure was covered in black cloth, even his face was covered by a length of black cloth that was wrapped around his head many times, leaving only the eyes visible. The figure’s eyes scanned the room, pausing briefly at the eastern tunnel where Caswyn watched him from the shadows. The figured cocked its head to the side, for a brief moment before continuing its circular inspection of the room.

The figure’s slippered feet slid across the stone floor of the Commons emitting a sound that was barely audible to Caswyn. After a few moments with no other sounds save the figures slippers crossing the room and Caswyn’s own breathing, the figure became confident. Instead of slidinghte figure began taking slow methodical steps across the room towards the western tunnel. Heartbeats later the figure’s face was no longer visible to Caswyn. All that Caswyn could see was the figures back, and the two sword hilts jutting out at his shoulders, as he made he was down the western tunnel. To the sleeping quarters of the monastery.


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